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Take the lead and accelerate your future  

Led and instructed by industry experts, uOttawa’s MEM degree builds your skills in engineering management and leadership. In this program, you will improve your ability to mobilize money, people and technology to analyze, innovate, optimize, and excel. 

Your career will benefit too. The field of engineering management is currently experiencing significant growth - with a 19% employment growth and projected salary growth of 15% through 2025 in Canada.

Program Overview  

Our tailored curriculum has been collaboratively designed and developed by uOttawa’s Faculty of Engineering and the triple-accredited Telfer School of Management. The program begins with 4 compulsory core courses to build your basic competencies in these areas:   

  • Introduction to Engineering Management  
  • Principles of Accounting and Finance  
  • Principles of Management and Leadership  
  • Foundations of Project Management  

To supplement this core, you must then complete 6 courses from among four specialization modules. If you complete all of the courses in a module, it will be noted on your transcript, but you are free to choose any 6 courses. These are the modules:  

  • Data Analytics (3 courses)  
  • Advanced Project Management (3 courses)  
  • Product Innovation Management (3 courses)  
  • Operations Management (3 courses)  

Now let’s take a closer look at the Data Analytics specialization module.

Data Analytics Module  

Enhancing the core competencies, the Data Analytics module  

In this specialized module, you will do the following:  

  • Develop your skills in applying descriptive and predictive analytics models  
  • Explore business intelligence and performance management approaches 
  • Learn the fundamentals of big data as well as big database management (NoSQL)

Module Competencies 

  • Data Analytics Principles 
  • Business Intelligence & Performance Management 
  • Big Data/AI