Operations and Financial Manager of The Ontario Workers Network
MHA Graduate

“They are supportive of curiosity, which is refreshing”

What were you doing before you enrolled in the MHA program at the University of Ottawa?

I was living in Alberta and working for Alberta Health Services as a financial analyst.

Why did you choose the University of Ottawa?

I was attracted to their MHA program and liked their administrative residency component, which I thought was unique when compared to other programs across Canada.

“The administrative residency component was unique”

What attracted you to the MHA program?

I saw their curriculum, which looked attractive, but the residency was definitely the main attraction for me.

What was your perception of a Master’s degree before you inquired about uOTT? Has that changed after you enrolled in the program?

It met my expectations in terms of curriculum and course work.

What has been your favorite class so far and why?

I liked the course on international healthcare, where we were taught about systems around the world. It broadened our horizons and showed us what everyone else was doing. It taught me that no one has solved the problem of what is the most functional, effective healthcare system.

“The course on international healthcare broadened our horizons”

Have there been any skills you’ve learned in the program that you have had the opportunity to use at work?

For sure, a lot. I think inviting guests to the courses was very useful and allowed us to have access to more high-level thinking. It taught us how to interact with other leaders, and how to think about certain problems. One specific instance that comes to mind is when a guest lecturer pointed out how once we’re out in the world of healthcare, it’s easy to get pulled in all kinds of directions. His advice was to always remember our north star and stay focused on why we are in this industry. That saved me more than once. You really are pulled in a million directions and get wrapped up in different details that can be unsolvable but remembering that has really helped my day-to-day work. I remind myself of why I am here to begin with.

What are some advantages of pursuing a degree at uOTT?

I would say it is very connected with the local as well as other universities and experts in the field across Ontario. So, if you were curious about something, the professors and preceptors are very willing to help and have a lot of connections. They know people in the newest hospitals, working on the latest technology such as robots delivering prescriptions, for instance. I remember being curious about the Humber River Hospital. I wanted to see it and the University helped make that happen. They are very connected and very supportive. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask because they are supportive of curiosity. That was refreshing.

“If you are curious, the professors and preceptors are very willing to help”

How has the University helped you in your career? Can you share a specific example of how it helped, or could help, you succeed in a current or future role?

The administrative residency was and is the crown jewel of that program. My preceptor introduced me to a bunch of people who got me my current job even before I graduated.

What advice would you give to those thinking about the University of Ottawa’s 100% online EMHA degree program?

I would say to take advantage of the resources of the university. That includes the professors, supporting and visiting panelists. If you have something you are curious about, don’t hold back. Ask if you want to see something. Take advantage of what is being offered. Don’t just stick to the coursework. Pursue what interests you and try to get connected to someone in the industry through the professors and panelists. That really is what you’re paying for. It’s the greatest asset of the Master’s program, so take advantage, talk to people, and ask questions.

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